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If you send out bulk emails using MailChimp you can take a few extra steps to have the emails marked as sent from your own domain name. You can also add an "SPF record" to prevent these emails from being marked as SPAM and landing in your subscribers junk folders.

Here is how:

1. In the MailChimp console click the "Website" icon in the left column and then "verify" your domain name. In this example we will use

2. Then proceed to "Authenticate" the domain name in MailChimp. Follow the MailChimp prompts and for "website host" select "Other".

3. In another window open your account, choose the domain name in services and proceed to edit your DNS records

4. Add the CNAME records that are suggested by MailChimp to your DNS settings. (Hostname is the second value and you should add a full stop after the hostname before saving)

5. Go back to the MailCHimp authetication page and click "Check Status". If you entered the values in correctly it should say "OK". This can take some time and sometimes MailChimp will inform you via email)

6. Set the newsletters to be sent by MailChimp from:

7. Verify with MailChimp

8. In the DNS for add the following: to your "SPF" record. This will indicate to the world that MailChimp is also authorised to send email on behalf of and also help to prevent your MailChimp bulk email from being marked as SPAM.

9. Forward email sent to to wheveryoulike@gmail.etc so should one of your subscribers reply to a mailChimp newsletter you will receive the email.

10. Send you another test!

You can do all of the above for no charge with any domain name that you have registered with If you need help contact us and we can do this for you.

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