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  1. SSL certificates are available at no charge for any website hosted by
  2. These free SSL certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt and they work very well and are free forever.
  3. The certs are self validating. Let's Encrypt accept that if you control the server then you own the domain.
  4. Let's Encrypt certs have very wide acceptance i.e. all modern browsers and email programs will play nicely with them.
  5. There is an option in your hosting control panel "Let's Encrypt" where you can generate an SSL cert for any website hosted with us.
  6. The Let's Encrypt certs do not require a dedicated IP address which is also very cool as it saves you money.
  7. Contact us if you need help installing a Let's Encrypt certificate (or if you want us to install the cert for you at no charge), or for assistance in debugging an SSL enabled website.

(Note that at the time of writing these certificates are currently used by many major ecommerce players including Shopify.)

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