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Any domain name registered with includes the following free addon services.

These free services let you start using a domain name right away for:

Email Forwarding

Set up forwarding email addresses. For example you can setup and forward email to this address directly to or any other email address. You can also set up an email like and redirect email sent to that address to a group of email addresses.

Domain Name Forwarding

You can set so that it redirects visitors to your Instagram page or any other website or web page. You might do this while you are waiting for a new website to be completed or you could leave the domain name to redirect in this way for the long term. Many of our clients use domain name forwarding to redirect people from a .com domain to a domain name. For example we use domain forwarding to redirect to which is our main website.


You can add sub-domains for example and then redirect this sub-domain to your E-Bay store. Or you might want to set up something like and set this sub-domain to re-direct to an EventBrite page. These sub-domains look very neat in emails or on promotional material and are easy to remember.

DNS Management

While your domain name is registered with us you can also manage your DNS records. This allows you to do things like use your domain name for email with one provider (Outlook 360 or G-Suite or of course) but then have your website with another provider i.e. Squarespace or Wix etc. We will host your DNS records at no charge.

All of the above actions can be completed in the Hosting Services area of your on-line account.

Best of all is that there is no charge for these cool add-ons while your domain name is registered with

If you need help setting up any of the above services contact us and we can guide you through the process or set them up for you.

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