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cloudjazz is a place where you can:
  • Upload all of your photos, documents, video and music
  • Share specific files with your people or with the world
  • Backup important content
  • Access with your mobile device, desktop computer or over the internet

What is different about cloudjazz when compared with Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive?

There are many similarities including file sycning and sharing however one point of differences is that we do not make money from analysing your data or your use patterns etc!

How does it all work?

We use open source software called NextCloud which is a cloud collaboration platform used by approximately 50 million people worldwide. We then manage this on our servers and make it easy and safe to use.

Does this mean my data is mixed in with 50 million other users?

No! We use the NextCloud software but manage our own instances on our Australian based servers.

Does this mean I can share data with other computerjazz.net clients?

You can set up your own groups so that you can share files with your work colleagues or friends and family.

Can I share files with people via email or on social media?

Yes you can easily share links to files or folders to anyone with an email address. You can also set passwords on files and expiry dates so that the file is only available for a limited time.

Can I install NextCloud in my own hosting account?

Yes most certainly, however by using cloudjazz you are getting a managed service. We take care of all of the technical bits like security, software updates, addons etc.

Can you install NextCloud for my business so we have our own cloud server?

Yes most definitely. Contact us for more details and pricing.

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