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Vanilla Web Design Principles

computerjazz.net introduced the Vanilla Web design principle and packages so that we could deliver professional looking websites that work perfectly on every device and at a low cost.

  • Functionality First
  • Works on Every Device
  • Crisp, Clean, Clear.
  • Emulate the modern design principles of google.com and other leading websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I run with one of your Vanilla Web websites instead of a DIY site like Wix or SquareSpace?
Vanilla Web is targeted at users wanting a low cost website that is visitor friendly, easy to read, and, most importantly, that rank really well in Google and Bing. Coming up first on Google is usually number one on every website owners wish list. If you are not coming up then your pages will not be found unless you pay for expensive advertising. As put rather succinctly by the people at growthmachine.com "If you’re serious about getting SEO traffic, you shouldn’t use Medium, SquareSpace, Wix, WordPress.com, or any similar site builder that keeps your training wheels on."

What do Vanilla Web websites look like?

Vanilla Web websites look like many of the most popular websites on the internet like google.com

The philosophy of Vanilla Web is a clean website with logo, content (text and images and video etc) and easy to use menus that work on every device.

What if I want a very flashy looking website?
If you think your brand requires lots of colour and fancy finishes and complexity then Vanilla Web is probably not for you. We will need to have a good chat so that we can work out what type of design you are after and that will work for your business. We will then put together a proposal for you for a bespoke website that meets your design expectations. If you are on a budget and need functionality over form then you could still consider starting with a crisp looking Vanilla Web design and invest in a fancier theme down the track.

If we decide to upgrade our Vanilla Web website to one with a fancy design later do we have to start all over again from scratch?
If you ever want to switch to a really fancy whiz bang bling type of website you can still keep all of the content and functionality of your Vanilla Web website, keep all of your pages and content, and we can dress it in a fancy design (or theme) later. There will be no need to re-invent the wheel. Keep all of your carefully put together content and pages and then dress it differently later. That is the power of templating and using WordPress as a framework.

If we want a fancy design down the track, how will that work?
You can engage your own graphic designer to create a new design and then we can dress your site with it.

Like any website design they will need to provide designs for different sized mobile devices, ipads and tablets as well as designs for desktop computers and televisions.

You can also find a suitable free or commercial WordPress theme that you can apply to your Vanilla Web site. There is a lot of flexibility here.

Will my Vanilla Web design work on all mobile phones, ipads, tables, desktop computers and televisions?

How do I get started with a Vanilla Web website?
You can view more features, pricing and place an order for a Vanilla Web website package here or a Vanilla Web eCommerce webstores here.


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