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You may have been going around in circles trying to get email working on your phone but do not despair. You are not alone!

Unfortunately when you try and add a new email account to many of the current Apple, Android and Windows phones you will find that they are hard wired to automatically guess the settings that you need.

This usually ends up with one or two incorrect settings being saved and the device looping and claiming that verification has failed for a non-specified reason.

To get around this one has to generally allow the phone to do its thing, save, even if things don't work, and then manually edit the settings a few times until it works.

Check out our other FAQs on the exact settings to use and make sure you have the correct username and password!!

You can check your computerjazz.net email password by trying to log into webmail via www.computerjazz.net/securemail

It will usually take a few goes of fine tuning the settings to get a phone email account working even if you have done it before.

This should become easier when Apple and Android include a "Manual Setup" button that doesn't try and automatically do anything!

Email has been around for over 30 years and not much has changed with how the protocol works so we are not sure why the current devices complicate things so much during setup.

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