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SEO, or to put it more succinctly, how to get on page one of Google, changes from year to year.

We used to create pages, with good content mind you, and focus the page headings, titles, meta data etc on a keyword or phrase.

This is still the case, i.e. without key words there is no direct relevancy to a subject, however recent updates in Google's algorythms are aimed at weeding out pages that are target written for the Google bot and not the human reader experience.

A fairly in depth article about this can be Shaun Anderson can be found here. There is a fair amount of information to digest in the article but the main take out from reading it confirms that content is still king!

When writing content for a new page on your website I would suggest that one still uses keywords for page titles, headings or sub headings and meta data but the bulk of you time should be focussed on writing quality content on the subject matter. The subject matter being about the keywords.

Here are some thoughts to take home about writing web pages and articles with the intent of them being found in Google.

  1. Write quality content about your subject matter.

    Quality content is what people search the web for. (See, people first) Google wants to deliver that content to them so that it maintains it's position as the number one search. Build it and they will come!

  2. Use good grammar and spelling.

    Quality content will be proof read, re-written, a good read. The same as above, people want good content, Google will use its content analysis tools to ascertain the quality of the subject matter and rank your content accordingly.

  3. Write in depth about your page or article's subject.

    To weed out pages that "game" or attempt to "spin" the system Google will analyse your content to see how much it relates to the keywords of a search. Related words help Google know that there is some serious discussion, information about a subject, however unique content is ranked even higher. So write pages, articles, content, in your natural style. Share your unique knowledge of the subject matter. This actually frees one up to simply write about a subject without thinking too hard about google and bots and page ranking (what could be more uninspiring!) So feel inspired, write freely and cover your subject area. Win! "Grasp the subject and the words will follow" - Cato the Elder.

  4. Don't use SPAMMY phrases and focus hard on the call to action.

    People are generally looking for quality content, not an advertorial. It is not hard for Google's content analysis tools to figure out if a page is one big ad as compared to a quality information piece.

  5. Don't copy stuff from other websites or put up the same content on more than one page.

    People and Google Search rate unique content. Plagiarism is frowned on, not rewarded, and actually penalised. Write something new. Write a fresh take on an old subject. Be creative. You will be rewarded.

Oh and yes we do provide writing services. We can work through your website and improve the content written there, write new content/pages for you, and share what you do with the rest of the world in a quality manner. (That is the spammy bit, not too harsh, down the bottom, the content is more important, Google knows, apparently!)

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