Can I automatically backup a Windows folder to cloudjazz? Yes, most cerrtainly!You may have a folder of documents or other files that you are constantly... Can I listen to my music via cloudjazz? Yes you can use the NextCloud official apps or your browser to play MP3 music and video files.You... How do I connect an app to my cloudjazz account? Desktop Apps After you install the desktop app from the opening screen choose "Login" and for... How do I move all of my contacts into cloudjazz? Instead of using Google or Apple to store your contact information you can use cloudjazz.To get... How do I prevent the cloudjazz AudioPlayer from scanning for music files in a folder? The cloudjazz AudioPlayer app scans all of your folders for music files so that you can listen to... How secure is cloudjazz? We currently have an A+ security rating from the NextCloud Security... I am having troubles uploading files larger than 4GB If you have problems uploading files that are larger than 4GB you could try zipping the file up... I can't connect to the cloudjazz address book using DavX5 Our servers use a security layer that prevents general access to CalDav.To get around this create... NextCloud apps for mobile and desktop devices. You can download NextCloud apps for your mobile and desktop devices to use with your cloudjazz... What is cloudjazz? cloudjazz is a place where you can: Upload all of your photos, documents, video and music... Where is the full documentation? cloudjazz is built using the NextCloud framework.The full documentation for NextCloud is...
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