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  1. You have installed an SSL cert but when you load your website the browser displays error messages or warning regarding content not being secure.
  2. First test the cert by loading a simple image file via SSL i.e. something like: (change this to the domain name you are testing)
  3. If your certificate is installed correctly the image should display correctly, there should be no complaints from the browser and a padlock should appear in the browser near the URL.
  4. If SSL is working then load the web page that is throwing the SSL errors in the browser. These errors will usually occur because the web page is loading some elements insecurely. i.e. an image, javascript, css file or favicon is being loaded with a fixed http: path and not a https:path.
  5. The easiest way to fix these SSL warnings is to load a page, i.e. the home page, then "View Page Source" in the browser (perhaps copy into a text editor) Then search for the string http: and make a note of any element i.e. img, css, js that loads using http: instead of https: Then fix these errors and re-test
  6. You can adjust the code to force elements to always load as https or you can let the browser decide to load http or https depending on if the page was initially loaded securely. You can do this by using paths like:
  7. SSL warnings/errors are nearly always caused by an element being loaded with a fixed http: path including background images that are loaded in CSS files. Just force them to load as https: to resolve the problem.

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