I am having troubles uploading files larger than 4GB

If you have problems uploading files that are larger than 4GB you could try zipping the file up into segments

A zip program like 7-Zip makes this easy to do as it includes an option "Split to volumes - bytes". Entering a value of 3758096384 is the equivalent of 3.5GB and --Zip will then, for example, convert a folder with a total size of 25GB into 7 seperate files no larger than 3.5GB which you can then upload individually.

With 7-Zip the compressed files will look something like:


To put the folder back together put them all in the same directory and then tell 7-ZIP to extract the first file and it will automatically find the segments and re-build the original folder.

There are many other compression programs for Windows or Apple that can do the same thing. On Linux one can use the split or cat commands.

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