Transfering a domain name registration ownership

There are two types of domain name transfers:

1. Transfer a domain name from one registrar to another domain registrar.

With this type of transfer the person, business or organisation that registered the domain name still keeps ownership of the domain registration. The only thing that changes is who the domain owner pays to renew their domain and allow them to manage it. To transfer a domain name the domain password or authkey is required and an email is usually sent to the domain owner so that they can confirm the transfer. This type of domain transfer usually incurs no fee unless the domain name is close to the renewal period. Note that a domain name that has expired cannot be transferred.

2. Transfer a domain name from one person or business to another person or business.

This type of transfer is a transfer of ownership of a domain name. This is usually done when a domain name is sold to another business or organisation. This type of transfer usually requires paperwork and a small fee is usually involved. For example can co-ordinate the required paperwork for the transfer of a domain name from one owner to another for $88.00 including GST.

Please feel most welcome to contact us if you need help with transferring a domain name.
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