What Is My IP Address?

Your IP address could be described as the identifying number of your internet connection.

For most internet users this number stays the same on their home or business router and every search and action on the internet can be identified as being connected to this number. This is part of the reason that Google and other companies know how to present you with advertising and other information that they think is related to your internet usage patterns and also how government and other agencies collect information about everything that occurs through that particular internet connection. A router that has an IP address that doesn't change is referred to as a "Static IP address".

With mobile phone internet connections IP addresses are still recorded however the actual IP address (number) will usually change everytime you connect or disconnect from the service or perhaps even change mobile phone towers.

The IP address on many home and business ISP connections also change once in a while. Internet connections that use an IP address that change once in a while are called "Dynamic IP addresses".

IP addresses can be used for several other purposes for example if you have a Google Analytics account (a service that collects and presents statistics about how many people visit your website) you can add your IP address as a filter so that visits to your website from your office are ignored as most website owners do not need to know how many times they and their staff have visited their own website.

Website hosting companies can also block IP addresses that look to be trying to hack into their servers. For example if you try to log into your computerjazz.net email account too many times with an incorrect password eventually our system will block your IP address. This is done to prevent anyone hacking into your email by repeatedly trying to guess your email account password. We can also block an IP range for example if our servers are attacked by a range of accounts in some foreign country we can block the IP range for that country temporarily.

You can see what your current IP address is here: www.computerjazz.net/whatismyip
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