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Answer: Fresh Content

You can spend many hours optimising your website for search engines or pay a small fortune to SEO companies to make recommendations and tweak your website so that all of the typical SEO "rules" are being met. Things like meta-tags, meta-descriptions, alt tags, structured data schema, link building, so many keywords per page etc. More about the SEO basic rules here.

These elements are important to be aware of and as you create new pages the basics should be kept in mind, but these strategies alone will NOT win Google.

How to win Google!

The way to win Google is by adding fresh content to your website. By fresh content I mean adding new, high quality, articles, blog posts, news and/or information pages. The content should be written using good grammar and English (or whatever language/s you display on your website).

You should target and use keywords in your articles but the primary goal should be writing in a way that is pleasing to the reader. Google rates your articles on how readable they are for humans. More about this here.

How often do I need to post fresh content?

If you really want to win Google in the shortest time possible then prepare to make the time to write three or four articles per week of between 1000 and 2000 words. Each article should ideally target a single subject (keyword). This sounds difficult doesn't it. Well, guess what, it is, unless you are prepared to work! If you have someone in your organisation, team or partner who can help this will lower the workload. But guess what, this work load gives you a massive opportunity because even large businesses, companies, your competitors, have to meet the same challenge.

Writing quality pages is not something that can be easily outsourced, especially overseas! Even if a company is to employ a local contractor to write up content for them (at great expense) most copy writers will not have the knowledge, expertise and unique insights into your specific field of interest, skill or speciality. This gives you a unique opportunity to win Google even as an individual or small organisation or business. But yes you will need to write. And do lots of it.

What if I am a specialist in my field but don't like writing or am not a good writer?

If you don't like writing you can still be the main driver of fresh, quality content to your website (so that you can win Google).

Here is one way of doing it:
  1. Become a writer of bullet points.
  2. First write down a subject that your next website article will be about. For example let's choose "Budget DIY Lamp Shades".
  3. Then write a bullet list of DIY Lamp Shade types:
    • Simple Cylinder Lamp Shade
    • LED Candle In A Box (I'm just making these up)
    • K-Mart Lamp Shade makeovers
  4. Find and employ someone who writes well, this may be your partner, your webmaster, a friend, a student, or a professional copywriter. Tell them that you will pay them to write two or three articles per week (or give them a share in your business!)
  5. Have a meeting with them (in person, at a cafe or over the phone) and get them to take notes as you talk about each bullet point. (You can also record yourself on your mobile device and send them the recording)
  6. Wait for them to finish the article, read it trhoiugh, make a few edits and publish to your website.
  7. You are now driving high quality, fresh content to your website. This is the type of content that wins Google!

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