How do I send email from a different email address on my iPhone?

So you already have email working on your iPhone for one mailbox account but would like to send email from another email address. This is quite cool as then you only need one mailbox and the rest of your emails can be 'email aliases' or 'email forwards' where an email address simply forwards to the email address that you already have working.

As an example you might have an email account with your internet service provider called that you already have working on your phone.

You then have a domain name and all that you want to be able to do is receive email from and read it on your device and also send from that address. You can do this with free email forwarding which we provide with any domain name registered with us.

So here is how it works and how to configure this:

1. Setup an email forward called and set it to forward to
2. Make sure is working on your iPhone.
3. On the phone go to Settings - Mail and click the bigpond account
4. Then click the line that says Email (which has the email address visible after it)
5. You should then be able to add as an additional email alias.
6. When sending email on the iPhone you should now be able to choose either or as the from address.
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