Chrome will flag websites as insecure in July!

Beginning in July 2018 the Google chrome browser will mark websites as "Insecure" if they are not running securely using the https:// protocol. For a site to run under https:// one needs to action a few items: Have a valid SSL certificate installed. Configure the website so users are always directed to the https version of the website Check ... Read More »

28th Feb 2018
Australian trade marks and domain names

A recent Domain Name Decision highlights the importance and benefit of having a registered trade mark when seeking to challenge the registration of a domain name by a third party.ARTICLE Via Madderns: PANEL ... Read More »

30th May 2017
Use your domain name for email and free 15GB via Gmail

If you have registered a domain name with you can set up unlimited custom email addresses like and use Gmail to manage sending and receiving from them at no charge.The people you send email to will only see your domain name (not gmail) and you can use and gmail apps on multiple devices and keep ... Read More »

5th Apr 2017
WordPress installations and webmaster options

The world's most popular website and blogging platform can be installed on any domain name hosted with us within a few minutes.The installation has the option os automatic updating for security purposes and we can include or recommend several plugins to increase the security of your WordPress site and keep the bots out.If you need webmaster ... Read More »

28th Feb 2017
Your own (free) on-line invoicing system

All clients who have a hosting account with us have the option of having their own on-line invoicing system.The software (Invoice Plane) allows you to create invoices for your clients which you can then email to them including a PDF copy that they can print out. You can also print out the invoices and post them in the mail should ... Read More »

20th Jan 2017
Changes to account log in

To log in to your account and manage your domain name portfolio you now need to use your email address instead of a username at the log in screen. If you cannot remember your password just click the "Forgotten Password" button.If you cannot remember the email address you used for your account just send us an email or open a ... Read More »

25th Aug 2016
Website upgrade

We have completed a migration of all client accounts, domain names, hosting packages to our new website platform.This new site is mobile friendly and includes new features including the capability to register domain names for more than 500 TLDs. i.e. as well as .com and and the other domain names we previously offered we now offer ... Read More »

25th Aug 2016