Spotify leak, why you need a different password for every website, and how!

  • Friday, 11th December, 2020
  • 16:59pm
Spotify announced this week that their user's data was leaked to 3rd parties due to a software error.

The data that was leaked may have included:
  • email address
  • your preferred display name
  • password OUCH!!!
  • gender
  • date of birth

With leaks and hacks to major websites a common event it is critical that you use a different password for every website so that hackers can't use your email and password to get into all sorts of other things!

"But how can I remember a different password for every website?" You might ask.

Well it is actually very easy.

For example if your current "general" password is something like: parrot323

What you can do is use letters in the website that you visit to make sure it is different for each site.

So if you go to you choose some letters from the domain name and then add them to your general password.

So for you might choose the first and last letter of the domain name i.e. fk

You should also add a funny character because some websites require this. Lets use the = sign for this example.

And now you can change your password to parrot323fk=

and for your password would then be:


So now you can start changing your passwords on every website that you log into using your new unique password formula.

Of course you can make your password formula much more difficult to guess.

Instead of using the first and last letter you could take the first letter and then use the next letter in the alphabet i.e. for instead of f you could use g.

Just come up with a formula and stick to it. Write it down under your desk if you have to!!

Here is an example of a more complex formula:

Choose the first and second letter from the domain name and convert the letters into "Army Alphabet". And let's put a funny character at the start and at the end. Let's go with % this time

If this was your formula then for your password would be:


There are many ways to do this. So come up with a good formula (now!) and stick to it. Then start changing your old password each time you login to a website with it!

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