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Spotify leak, why you need a different password for every website, and how!

  • 11th December 2020
Spotify announced this week that their user's data was leaked to 3rd parties due to a software error.The data that was leaked may have included: email address your preferred display name password OUCH!!! gender date of birth With leaks and hacks to major websites a common event it is critical that you use a different password for every ...
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WordPress and ImageMagick libraries

  • 10th December 2020
Regardless of what PHP version is running all WordPress hosting accounts on our servers include the image processing libraries that make up ImageMagick.Imagemagick can be automatically used by WordPress for things like: Resizing/cropping images. Modifying the contents of an image. Image compression. Conversion to different file ...
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Managed Cloud Servers now available!

  • 8th October 2020
We have been deep diving into cloud and have recently launched a range of Managed Cloud Servers.These servers are intended for users with mission critical enterprise websites who need a hands on system administrator monitoring and optimising their cloud server. Based on OpenStack technology these servers are guaranteed the specified amount of ...
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  • 20th May 2020 is now offering, and domain names at these new and competitive rates. These .au domain name registrations are also now available for 1 - 5 year periods!The new pricing for these domain names is as follows:TLD       TERM - 1 year - $ - 1 year - $ - 1 year - ...
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