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Small Business Websites from $880.00

  • 1st March 2023

We introduced our Vanilla Web design principle so that we could deliver powerful and professional looking WordPress websites that work perfectly on every device and are sensational for Google ranking (SEO). All at a low cost. [Choose a Package]

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Dot au is here!

  • 7th April 2022
.au This year Australia will have it's own top level domain. And in the coming years and may become a kind of relic of the past as .au becomes the new standard. For example in soon enough will most likely be re-branded And the National Bank website which is now at will be moved to ...
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.com and .net price change!

  • 19th November 2021
Verisign are the global managers of the .com space and after many years have recently elected to bump up the wholesale price of .com and several other top level domains. (TLDs) As a result all domain name registrars have increased their pricing and some quite dramatically. We have also had to increase our .com pricing and the pricing of several ...
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The Google Search core update of June/July 2021

  • 8th July 2021
Google performed a fairly major update to their search algorithms this past month. These updates are often shrouded in mystery and as a core update approaches website owners and search engine optimisation specialists often find themselves cowering in fear hoping that their hard earned search rankings are not negatively impacted. An interesting ...
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