Dot au is here!

  • Thursday, 7th April, 2022
  • 00:00am


This year Australia will have it's own top level domain.

And in the coming years and may become a kind of relic of the past as .au becomes the new standard.

For example in soon enough will most likely be re-branded

And the National Bank website which is now at will be moved to

The good news is that if you currently hold any type of AU domain name you will have priority access to registering the .au equivalent.

Another example is that as we are the current owner of we now have priority access to

This priority access is granted to any of the following TLDs:

How do I get my .au?

If you have an eligible .au domain name and it is registered with computerjazz we can look after the entire process for you!

Just log into your computerjazz account and click domain names to view what .au domains you already have.

Then contact us and ask us to obtain the new .au domain extension for each domain name you want the .au version of.

We will then check the eligibility of your domain name/s, make sure that your WHOIS information (ABN/ACN etc) is correct, and then place a priority access order for you.

Log in to your account at to check your domain names now.

How much do you charge to negotiate and register my new .au for me?

$25.00 inc. GST per each successful .au domain name registration.

Renewals will then be at our usual price which is currently $14.95 per year.

(We are much cheaper than most other domain name registrants in the .au space.)

What if I have and someone else has

Priority access goes to whoever registered their *.au presence first. If they registered before you registered then they have first priority.

Of course they still have to apply for their .au before the priority cut off date! If they don't apply then you get to own

When is the priority application cut off date for .au?

9:59AM AEST - 21 Sept 2022

What if I want a .au domain name but do not have an eligible or other eligible domain?

If you want to register but do not currently have you can try and register

That will then give you priority access to but remember that if someone has already registered they will have first dibs.

Commencing 8:00AM AEDT - 4 Oct 2022 anyone with an ABN can register any available .au domain name that has not been picked up through the priority access period.

If I have a domain registered with someone else i.e. can I still get you to look after the .au application for me?

If you transfer your domain name to computerjazz then we can look after the entire process for you. See the Domain Transfer option on our website.

Otherwise content me and I will happily advise.

What If I have any other question about this whole .au thing?

Contact us and we will do our best to answer and advise.

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