.com and .net price change!

  • Friday, 19th November, 2021
  • 18:58pm

Verisign are the global managers of the .com space and after many years have recently elected to bump up the wholesale price of .com and several other top level domains. (TLDs)

As a result all domain name registrars have increased their pricing and some quite dramatically.

We have also had to increase our .com pricing and the pricing of several other TLDs however we have elected to continue to be very competitive and you will find that our new pricing compares VERY well compared to the more well known domain name re-sellers.

Here is our new pricing for .com as compared to the other major players as their prices stand today

.com pricing as of 19 November 2021

  One Year
Ten Years
computerjazz.net $19.95 inc GST $182.00 inc GST
GoDaddy $31.38 inc GST $303.57 inc GST
CrazyDomains $24.19 inc GST $192.50 inc GST
MelbourneIT $79.00 inc GST $482.96 inc GST


Plus all domain names registered with computerjazz.net are entitled to free addon services including:

  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Free Domain Name Forwarding
  • Free Sub-Domains
  • Free DNS and DNS Management
  • Free Dynamic DNS
  • and more!

Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

What if I register a domain name with computerjazz.net but decide to move it elsewhere?

Domain names can be transferred from one registrar to another without too much hassle. Should a domain name need to be moved for any reason we make it very easy for our clients to transfer their domain to their registrar of choice.

We also make it easy for our clients to transfer domain names they have registered elsewhere to computerjazz.net so that domain owners can take advantage of the extra services and assistance we provide as well as our great pricing. We make it easy for you to come and go as needed! Domain transfers can be completed in a way so that there is zero interruption to any service be it website, email or other.

We can help you with the process should you need any assistance. 

More domain name questions and answers


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