Beginning in July 2018 the Google chrome browser will mark websites as "Insecure" if they are not running securely using the https:// protocol.

For a site to run under https:// one needs to action a few items:

  1. Have a valid SSL certificate installed.
  2. Configure the website so users are always directed to the https version of the website
  3. Check all pages to make sure all images and opther content are loaded securely (via https)

Let's go through these three points:

1. All sites hosted with are entitled to use a free SSL certificate. If you haven't made use of our free SSL certificates contact us and we can install the certificate for you at no charge. There is no cost for the certificate or the install.

2. We can configure your website so that it uses https by default and users are always directed to the secure version of your website. We do this at no charge also.

The difference is that all traffic will be instantly directed to:

instead of

The https version will show a green padlock and will mean your website will not be flagged as "Insecure" for most visitors come July.

3. Your website also needs to be checked to ensure that all content, mostly images, but also background scripts and stylesheet, are loaded securely. If an image in a https page is not loaded securely then a browser will issue a brutal warning to your site visitors "This page is not secure" so your website will need to be checked and adjustments may need to be made to the code in each page or in your templates. This is a task for your webmaster. In some cases very little work needs to be done however on a large site it can take more than a few minutes to complete. We can do this work for you if needed at our usual development rates.

Contact us and we can let you know how your site will be affected by these changes.

Note that Chrome is the most popular browser in use worldwide so it is important to address these issues before July if possible.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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