Our Custom WordPress Installations

WordPress is made to be easy for website owners to use and to add new features to via the many thousands of available official and third party plugins. This ease of use can sometimes backfire as we have seen many tangled and bloated WordPress websites that clients have asked us to rescue after their developer has left town or that too much experimentation has been conducted upon. Without careful consideration a WordPress site will become bloated resulting in a site that is not only slow loading but slow to work on. Updating a bloated WordPress site can also be difficult when non-conventional plugins are installed potentially creating security holes which are vulnerable to attack. All of this can end up costing time and money down the track.

Our WordPress installations are pieced together carefully using what we consider best practise to ensure that each website is fast, secure, and that updating the website software and plugins is quick and easy, and for the long term. A WordPress site can be built to last and that is our build philosophy.